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Internet Addiction

Essay No. 209:

Internet Addiction: Computer has wrought a revolution in the life of man. It is a very useful invention which as facilitated a number of tasks like addition, division and multiplication etc. it throws away the required information instantly. It is man’s mind which had invented computer.

Now it does different jobs of baffling nature most accurately and that too within fraction of a second. It provides useful information from different websites to man. The advantages of computer cannot be short-listed. If correct data is feeded to the computer, it throws away correct answers.

Internet is an offshoot of computer. It connects you with different people in different parts of the world. Especially the young boys and girls are seen contacting their counterparts in other countries of the world. A Lahore can become a friend of Karachi through internet.

Friendships are made through internet. Sometimes fake, sometimes real. Boys and girls often are seen chatting their counterparts through internet. I know of an instance where a young boy in Pakistan was dodged by an African girl, who wanted him to send dollars to her to come to Pakistan for starting a joint business.

The correspondence went on between them through internet for some time till it become clear to the young man that he was being cleverly dodged by the African girl. Internet is a source of great attraction to young boys / girls, who spend considerable time on it.

They develop a big fascination for internet which gets them connected to their friends inside / outside the country. They spend a lot of time on internet to pursue their typical interests. One is reminded of the following verse of Ghalib:

جی ڈھونڈتا ہے پھر وہی فرصت کے رات دن

بیٹھے رہیں تصورِ جاناں کئے ہوئے

[One yearns for those moments of leisure to make one sit in meditation while conjuring up the vision of one’s beloved.]

Internet becomes a sort of addiction with the young men / girls, who are fond of discovering their counterparts in home / foreign countries. They spend hours together on playing with the internet. They develop a sort of craze for the internet. Most of their time is consumed in playing upon the internet.

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Their studies suffer endlessly. While there is no harm in operating the internet, too much craze or obsession is not desirable. Some boys / girls glean certain of information from the internet, which is in a sketchy form. They are inclined to sideline the books / journals which could provide them the authentic information.

The craze for the internet has opened up short-cuts to students, which is not healthy form the viewpoint of acquiring sound knowledge. The leisure if available to students, businessmen is mostly smoked up by the internet. The other engagements of leisure receive a setback.

The leisure time may be devoted to internet, but other avenues of social recreation may not be neglected. Internet should not be allowed to get on one’s nerves through it may be used as and when required.

“Internet Addiction”

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