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Is Consistency A Virtue?

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Is Consistency A Virtue?The word consistence means being free from self-contradiction when one is true to principles. One is said to be consistent in approach. Those who follow a set route to achieve their objectives, they are thought to be consistent and methodical. They don’t swerve from the path to pursue the objectives of their life.

They exhibit steadfastness in the pursuit of their objectives and are crowned with success in the long run. The believers who hold on to the rope of Allah steadfastly in life, reap a rich dividend in this and the world hereafter. So one should adopt consistency as a principle in life to achieve material and non-material success. It is a virtue of the highest order, which needs to be demonstrated in every walk of life.

Consistency implies harmony in words and action. Those whose words do not match their action, are in a state of disharmony. Disharmony yields sorrow grief and disappointment. That is why nations need leaders who are consistent in their approach to resolve myriad complex problems appearing on the national horizon at different times.

Quaid-e-Azam, was consistent throughout and did not compromise on forces inimical to the creation of Pakistan. His steadfastness and principled stand resulted in the establishment of Pakistan. The crop of later leaders and politicians showed a discrepancy between their words and actions.

The military ruler Pervaiz Musharraf, came out with an ‘out of box approach’ to deal with the Kashmir issue, which gave a set back to the cause of resolving the dispute in accordance with the wishes of the Kashmiri people based upon the resolution of the UNSC.

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Nations which grow stronger, economically, technologically with the passage of time do not give up their main causes, if any by indulging in the lapses of not give up their main causes, if any by indulging in the lapses of inconsistency. Consistency is the main forte of living nations to pursue their goals with full devotion and commitment.

It is rather unfortunate to observe that the course of events in Pakistan has been somewhat contrary to the spirit of consistency. Economic planning presupposes a high degree of consistency. Consistency is the watch word of planning. At the time of the formulation of a national development plan, different targets are fixed to be achieved during the plan period.

This requires a high degree of coordination between different coordinating agencies to achieve the planned targets. If national effort is made in right earnest and that too, in a consistent way the targets are achieved. The economy puts up a good performance and high growth rate is generated for improving the economic living conditions of people.

Success of planning greatly depends upon the principle of consistency. A great importance is attached to consistency in the sphere of planning. If one observes keenly the working of the planetary, botanical, sea world, one sees complete harmony in their operations. Stare move within defined orbits and not friction of a second takes place. There is perfect harmony which characterizes the working of the different planets.

There is a lesson for man to learn. If he wishes for harmonious life, he must follow methodical and consistency in planning his economic, social, political affairs in the world. The crux of the foregoing discussion is that consistency is a virtue which must be adhered to and practiced in all human affairs.

“Is Consistency A Virtue?”

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