Essay No. 73:

It Is Better To Be Silent And Be Thought Stupid Than To Speak And Prove It’s True: The anonymous quotation “Silence is golden” supports the given statement. What speak, what not to speak and where to speak is important. Pedants yap a lot, their gabbing only proves to be obnoxious for others. Some idiots misuse their tongues, they parade their pedantry in the most shameless manner. This only reveals that such people have got a brain of the size of a pea.


A good listener is better than an average listener. Talker should be intellectually stimulating. Talking just for the sake of talking is useless. A truth universally accepted is that a silent person is a composed person. A quiet person seems to be an intellectual. A stupid person never realizes that by expressing his views in public he is only washing his dirty linen in public.


In a crowd, a silent spectator is considered to be a deep observer. Due to his silence, he is assumed to be a scholar and a person of deep understanding. Recluse and solitude are great teachers of wisdom. “Gautam Buddha” went into seclusion for many years in a jungle. This polished his intellect and enlightened him, he becomes an emissary of light for others.

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Silence is a great teacher of patience, and patience is the key to success to great enterprises. We must control our idiosyncrasies. We must think twice before we speak. We must desist from talking randomly. For illogical and nonsense only makes us fools. However, one should not become mute that one could be considered as an introvert.


The quotation reminds us of the poem “The Critic” in which a stupid person was making a pedantic display of his knowledge. He considered his own sitting in a barbers shop to be not rightly stuffer. He found fault with its taxidermist. He said that an owl of that shape did not exist. Surprisingly, the owl stepped down and said to the critic “I am an owl, you another”.

“It Is Better To Be Silent And Be Thought Stupid Than To Speak And Prove It’s True”