Essay No. 131:

It Is Excellent To Have A Giant’s Strength, But It Tyrannical To Use It Like A Giant: The quotation means that one should acquire strength and power in life. It is the instinctive desire of man to acquire power and this appeal to every individual/nation in the world.

Nations acquire strength and power through technology and economics. Developed countries have been able to dominate over the Third World on account of sophisticated technology and economics. They are creditors, providing loans to the underdeveloped countries at high-interest rates for purpose of financing mega projects in the latter.

The source of strength lies in technology and economics. The underdeveloped countries should follow the same recipe if they wish to grow stronger. They should concentrate on the development of indigenous technology suiting their socio-economic conditions through Research and Development (R&D) and try to seek self-reliance in order to decrease their dependence on foreign aid.

By developing technology and putting the economy in proper shape, Pakistan can hope to acquire strength all round. It is necessary to acquire the strength and power to exist in the world. The strong can fall upon the weak at any time and in a world dominated by the powerful, no one listens to the protest of the weak.

Nations that face powerful neighbours have all the time to be on their toes to escape aggression. Hence survival of nations demands that they must overcome their weakness – physical, technological, economic, to counter aggression because weakness invites the strong to fall upon the weak.

It may be pointed out that moral weakness is the real weakness, which is a world of material substance, is not accepted. According to the Holy Quran, ancient nations were wiped off their existence because they committed moral lapses in one form or the other.

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One may possess strength, and it should not be used to promote one’s fishy at the cost of the weak. The US has emerged out as a giant in terms of technology and economics. It has assumed the role of a policeman to dictate to the poor countries, which wish to maintain independence in thinking and action.

It is intoxicated with power and strength and it openly demonstrates its muscles to create fear and awe among the weak Third World countries. It invaded Iraq, which now has become a cockpit of permanent internal conflict and strife. It can exercise the option of the pre-emptive strike when it finds hostile forces working against its interests.

The powerful countries dominate over the poor, the weak and as such they don’t feel any sort of moral compunction to restrain themselves to use power to wrought destruction of the weak. That is why there is a need to introduce morality in international relations. Moral standards must be observed in the international sphere, to provide protection to the weak against the strong, the powerful.

“It Is Excellent To Have A Giant’s Strength, But It Tyrannical To Use It Like A Giant”