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It Is Great Loss To Man When He Cannot Laugh

Essay No. 197:

It Is Great Loss To Man When He Cannot Laugh: The saying has a great application to human life. Laughter helps man shed of his mental worries and he fells light. Laughter releases the pent up feelings of man and brings catharsis to him.

It is wit and fun which cause laughter. If one reads Pitras Bokhari, one often experiences a peel of laughter. Pitras through words coins humour, which invokes laughter on the part of readers. Readers momentarily are drowned in a world of undertone laughter. Likewise a witty against depression. On the occasion of marriages in our society, the ‘bhands’ make the audience laugh through their witty remarks. Even the most serious, the sobre are provoked to laughter.

If man were devoid of laughter, he would literally remain suppressed to give vent of his feelings of any anguish. Laughter is a good medicine to make a person light. Normal human beings occasionally indulge in laughter, while the non-serious unnecessarily are seen laughing. As a matter of fact there are different facets of human grief. The following Urdu verse is quoted:

غم کے بہروپ کوئی کیا جانے

شائری’ راگ’ قہقہے’ آنسو

[No one can understand the different guises of grief; poetry, music, laughter, tears are the facets of grief.]

It is relevant to quote Ghalib on the point under reference:

سوزشِ باطن کے ہیں احباب ہیں احباب منکر ورنہ یاں

دل محیطِ گریہ و لب آشنا خندہ ہیں

[Human beings are soaked in grief at heart but they try to remain in smiling posture apparently.]

Laughter also is a veiled form of grief. Laughter ejects out grief lying in the unconscious of man. It is the mode of releasing grief, which grips man in one form or the other. This means that if man were not to laugh, he would remain under a great mental stress.

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A man, who remains all the time serious, is not liked in the society. He earns bad epithets form the people. He is dubbed as ‘Mr. Blunder bore’. Such a person finds burden of life handing on him. No one likes to develop friendship with him. He is like a lone ship in a turbulent sea of life.

Laughter enlivens man and helps dispel depression. It pays man to often indulge in laughter, which pulls man out of a state of dejection. It exposes man to a light mood and he beings to shed off the mental burden. Laughter is a good medicine to humor up man.

“It Is Great Loss To Man When He Cannot Laugh”

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