Essay No. 240:

Lack Of Discipline – A National Disaster: All the outset, the meaning of discipline may be spelled out. Discipline means a way of life to be led according to certain rules. It implies a severe training of an individual/a community to abide by certain order. Order helps communities to come out of confusion and a state of disorderliness. Nature believes in discipline and other.

The planetary, botanical, sea worlds are subject to discipline and order. All behave and move according to a set order. Sura Ar Rehman describes the aforesaid worlds lying in a state of prostration, perfectly behaving the order laid down by the creator. Man is also advised to seek a state of balance to order his activities in the world if he wishes to be blessed with harmony and balance in life.

Discipline is thus very much needed in every field of life. Communities that plan their activities according to an order, reap a rich dividend in the world. They are able to establish their superiority in the world and extol a march over the undisciplined ones. Hence discipline is the key to success in man’s life.

Quaid-e-Azam, the Father of the Nation, gave the motto to all India Muslim League running in terms of unity, faith, discipline. It’s rather unfortunate that after the establishment of Pakistan, discipline has been torn to shreds. That has landed the country to a state of quandary.

Khawaja Moin-ud-din a great Urdu Playwright in his play “Taleem Balghan” (Adult Education) showed three earthen pitchers unity, faith and discipline as holed. It was a great satire that the nation had hoped the pitchers, which were to hold the nation together.

It is an irony of the highest order that the nation which was the result of discipline and unity, fell a prey to indiscipline and disunity with the passage of time. Many factors account for the sickening phenomenon. I believe that the leadership which came after the death of Quaid-e-Azam was bereft of sincerity, purposefulness.

That fell a prey to forces of corruption and indiscipline and exploitation. There emerged a lack of consensus on national issues, and feelings of parochialism, regionalism, appeared on the surface. The spirit of national integration is found lacking in the present condition of the country can be compared to a ship floating on the waves, and being tossed directionless.

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That is due to lack of direction and discipline. Indiscipline in the field of politics has been paving way for the emergence of the military rule, which has played a great havoc with the institutions of the country. If politicians, rulers had run the state craft according to rules the democracy would not have been derailed.

Lack of discipline has pushed Pakistan to a vicious circle. The vicious circle can be broke by an all-out disciplined strategy. Efforts must be made to build and strengthen institutions to save the country from further deterioration. It is on account of the lack of financial discipline that Pakistan today faces a growing fiscal deficit, which has put finances of the state in complete jeopardy.

The growth rate form 6 percent has recently declined to 3.5 percent per annum which indicates slowing down of economic activities, resulting in unemployment and other economic vices. The recurring expenditure continues to rise, and there appear no signs of its curtailment of containment by the ruling government. The word austerity seems to have been thrown out of the national dictionary.

Profligacy suits rulers and not austerity. Financial discipline is necessary to put finances does not have any bargaining power at the negotiating table. The best way to save sovereignty from erosion is to put finances in good shape. The burden of the song is that lack of discipline hastens the fall of nations.

It is no less than deluge or a disaster. Indiscipline eats into the vitals of nations. in disciplined nations earn ignominy in every field of life. Indiscipline must therefore, be kept at a bay, if the objective is to attain success.

“Lack Of Discipline – A National Disaster”