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Learn To Walk Before You Can

Essay No. 125:

Learn To Walk Before You Can: The saying is loaded with a pearl of rich human wisdom. One should first of all try to stand on one’s feet with the aid of a walker to learn the art of walking before gaining momentum to run. There is a great philosophy behind the maxim.

If an industrialist wishes to set up a particular factory, first of all, he should carry out the feasibility report regarding the extent of the marketability of the products which he wishes to produce. He must objectively assess the market situation before launching the project.

He must do the necessary homework to undertake the proposed project. The industrialist must be assured of the accessibility of physical infrastructures like roads and other means of telecommunication. By doing the necessary spadework, which is akin to walking, the industrialist can hope to run with his business.

Students who wish to appear in the CSS examination must study the subjects thoroughly before having a plunge in the said examination. They must acquaint themselves with the subject-matter in different disciplines before appearing in the examination. They must first learn to walk before aspiring to run to come to grip with the examination. Necessary spadework must be done before initiating any project.

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An aeroplane on the runway has to generate critical speed before taking off the ground. Likewise, an economy must produce a certain level of savings and investment before attaining the stage of take-off for generating self-sustained growth. A poor economy, first of all, has to be pulled out of stagnating state before putting it on the path of sustainable development.

The bitter lesson to learn is that man, first of all, should learn the art of walking before gaining momentum to run fast. It is a sort of stage-approach that is suggested to deal with problems of life at different stages. One is required to step from one stage to the other to attain success in life. Each stage has its own problems to deal with intelligently. It calls for skilful handling of the problems of life at different stages.

“Learn To Walk Before You Can”

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