Essay No. 94:

Liberty Doesn’t Work As Well In Practice As It Does In Speech: The statement means that liberty is propagated in speech but does not work well at the practical level. This holds good in Pakistan, where liberty is preached at different platforms by rulers, politicians, but at the practical level, it does not work well. It is a matter of fad to discuss liberty but measures to strengthen it are not properly taken at the government/private levels in Pakistan.


We celebrate 14th August every year with great pomp and show. Newspapers supplements are published in which articles relating to the Pakistan Movement and the circumstances leading to the establishment of Pakistan are published. Pakistanis are reminded of the importance of independence which must be preserved at all costs. Seminars are organized and high-flown speeches are delivered.


However, if viewed at the practical level, the values for which Pakistan was created have not so far been realized. Quaid-e-Azam was a great democrat by temperament. He stood for freedom as guaranteed by the law of land. It’s a tragedy that after the death of the Quaid-e-Azam the country was taken off the rails of democracy.


Politicians’ follies, mistakes, combined with the ambition of the khaki, put Pakistan of the path, leading to the repetition of the doctrine of necessity resulting in the denial of the right of the civil rule to the people. Top of all, social justice was not fully established in the country. It has bred frustration among the people.

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Due to the pursuit of economic growth, economic inequalities have increased over time. The poverty line instead of showing signs of diminution has swelled up. Justice is a rare commodity in Pakistan. Poor people have to purchase justice through bribery. Corruption is let loose in every field of life.


Various social-economic vices stand firmly entrenched in the home soil. Political emancipation which ought to have brought about a healthy change in the lives of the people has made the living of the people difficult. Of course, there has been a lot of economic development in Pakistan, but the fruits of development have largely accrued to the rich people.


The poor do not seem to have been even marginalized. Freedom in practice must have yielded its blessings to the poor people, though through speeches of the ruling politicians it has flown to the humble cottages. It appears as a big charade.

“Liberty Doesn’t Work As Well In Practice As It Does In Speech”