Essay No. 115:

Life Without A Philosophy Is Like A Ship Without A Rudder: There is a truth in the statement that life without a purpose is meaningless. Life must have some purpose, or objective in view otherwise it would be like a ship being tossed here and there on the surface of seawater.

A ship without a rudder is directionless and at the mercy of sea waves or tides. There is a possibility of its being struck against the sea rocks if the ship were without a rudder. Man is impelled to struggle hard in life to achieve the objectives underlying his philosophy in life.

Those who believe in Islam as a code of life are inspired to achieve Islamic ideals as far as possible. They stand for the accomplishment of Islamic values. Islam is a dynamic philosophy of life, the accomplishment of which demands a genuine struggle to establish a society founded on egalitarian principles, leading to the recognition of human dignity, and narrowing down differences between ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’.

Those who launch struggle to give a practical shape to it for the alleviation of human sufferings. Hence it is the commitment of a cause which is important in life. The followers of capitalism staunchly believe in democracy, and a free enterprise economy and secularism.

The west is wedded to this philosophy. It stands for different types of freedoms, though the freedom to starve may be one of them. Capitalistic way of life is a passion with the Westerners. It’s a philosophy to which the West sticks. It is a different matter that it gives rise to a number of evils of varied nature.

Followers of socialism believe in the socialization of means of production. Their aim is to abolish private property, which is thought to be a source of unequal distribution of wealth and of opportunities in society, the private property gives rise to exploitation of the labour at the hands of the capitalists.

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According to Karl Marx, surplus value is created by labour (this theory stands rejected by the pro-capitalist economies) lion’s share of which is usurped by the capitalists, while the labour gets a small segment of it just to subsist in life. People’s China adheres to the socialistic philosophy of life, which stands subjected to certain revisions overtime.

What I wish to state here is struggle hard to translate it into practice. The force of philosophy cannot be underrated in life. Philosophy is like a rudder which provides direction to a ship floating in the sea.

Hence everyone should be guided by the philosophy he/she has in life, which should provide inspiration to him/her to act on its principles. We as the Muslim believers should accept the philosophy of Islam and adopt it to seek our material / spiritual salvation.

“Life Without A Philosophy Is Like A Ship Without A Rudder”