Essay No. 268:

Look Before You Leap: The proverb makes it binding on man that he must take stock of a situation dispassionately before deciding to deal with it. Man should thus avoid taking a leap before analyzing a situation objectively.

An individual before setting a factory to manufacture shoes, must make an assessment of the market through a feasibility report. The industrialist would consider the pros and cons of the project very carefully before initiating it. The feasibility report would suggest whether it is profitable or otherwise to undertake the project.

If the factory is located at a place where raw material in the form of crude leather and other infrastructural facilities are not available, the industrialist would never take the risk of sinking his capital. All the required facilities must be made available before the setting up of the shoe factory.

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If a community consists of poor consumers who do not have the buying power to buy shoes, it would be futile on the part of the industrialist to finance the project. The industrialist ought to be a man of foresight to anticipate the difficulties and impediments that he is likely to encounter in the execution of the project.

If the difficulties and constraints are numerous then the project is not worth having. Only a foolish industrialist would launch the project without giving due consideration to the limitations of the projects. The maxim brings home to man to avoid making hasty decisions in life. Haste can give rise to waste.

Hence one should in a cool-headed manner think of possible dangerous consequences that might follow from a particular course of action. Wisdom demands to analyse the pros and cons of everything and fool-hardiness be avoided, which could land one into unpleasant situation in life. One should thus take care and precaution before taking any decision to start any project.

“Look Before You Leap”