Essay No. 98:

Lots Of People Confuse Bad Management With Destiny: The statement ascribes human bad management to destiny though fate is least to blame. Many people are inclined to pass their failures in life to destiny or fate, which is not correct. If you, God forbid fail in the CSS examination, do not blame your fate, as it has nothing to do with your failure or success. The responsibility of the failure of any human enterprise lies on man squarely.


Failure in the CSS examination can be attributed to a number of factors. The candidate may be poor in English and his expression may not be up to the mark. English is the Achilles’ heels of candidates taking the CSS examination. The candidates could not thoroughly prepare other subjects etc.


If you drive fast, you may not be able to negotiate blind turns properly. Your car can meet an accident. The responsibility of car accident cannot be put on a blind corner or for that matter on fate. Failure is the result of bad human management. Hence people instead of cursing fate should curse themselves who are incapable of handling the affairs properly.


Shakespeare in one of his plays says:     

Dear Brutus, the fault lies in stars

But in our own selves that we are underlings.


What these lines mean is that human beings themselves are responsible for mishaps, failures in their lives rather than stars. Stars cannot affect the cause of human beings. If men come across failures in life, the sole responsibility lies on themselves, who may not be able to organize things well. Unplanned things give bad results. Hence if human management were improved it would give good results.

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Hence if human management were improved it would give good results. Things need to change for better through good management. Hence if one wishes to attain success in life, one should remove shortcomings in management. Good management through planning can prove helpful to realize targets and goals.


A man should avoid blaming external forces for his failures rather he should rectify the loopholes contributing to failures. A man should come out of his narcist world to won failings in management.


It is futile anybody or for that matter politicians, for the failure of democracy. Democracy has been subjected to cuts and pressures by the military rule. Had there been no military interventions, the sapling of democracy must have grown by now to its full size. It’s most unfortunate that democracy has not been allowed to have her way in Pakistan. Democracy is not to blame but the bad management—Civil and military.

“Lots Of People Confuse Bad Management With Destiny”