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Essay No. 254:

Love Of Money Is The Root Of All Evils: Man by nature loves to acquire money in order to satisfy his multifarious desires. Love for money has no limits. Everything Is subject to the law of diminishing utility, but love for money can be regarded as an exception to the rule.

The more money man has, the more he desires to acquire it. Desire for money is a natural phenomenon. It is not something exceptional. The rich want money because it helps to facilitate the fulfillment of their desire. The poor want it because they can improve their living standard.

In short, money is the weakness of man. He cannot avoid it. The trouble starts when man becomes over crazy to surpass normal limits to get money. In the blind pursuit of money, he can go to any extent. It can cause bad blood to disturb the sacred human relationship.

A son can murder his father to acquire ancestral property for the sake of augmenting his income and resources. Land often is the cause of enmity between different families in the rural areas. Often murders are committed in the name of money.

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Dacoits, thefts are occasioned to increase the money resources of the socially undesirable element. Money is thus a cause of turmoil in human society ——– the developed countries eye on the oil, mineral resources of the poor countries to increase their affluence.

They see no harm in indulging in the exploitation of the poor countries. Thus over obsession for money creates many ills in human society. When man becomes over slave of money, he degenerates himself to the level of animality. He loses sight of moral values, without which there can be no harmony in human life.

Money thus strips man naked of morality. One of the reasons of corruption is the insatiable desire of man to get money. Money thus creates havoc in society, especially in the Third World countries. The moral moorings are destroyed and society is exposed to hollowness and is brought to the brink of destruction.

In short, money’s over love gives rise to many ills in human society. In order to keep money under restraints, man should reduce his ingenue material desires. Undue love for money is undesirable.

“Love Of Money Is The Root Of All Evils”