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Make Hay While The Sun Shines

Essay No. 145:

Make Hay While The Sun Shines: The proverbs holds a great truth about human life. It gives the message to man to strike timely when the iron is hot. Man who seizes an opportunity that comes in his way will succeed in making use of it to his best advantage. Those who let opportunities slip away are found languishing in life later on.

Practical men do not let opportunities go unutilized, unexploited. Hence wisdom demands that one should make the best use of opportunities which appear at different times in one’s life. They should not be wasted away under any condition.

Farmers need to dry the hay timely in the sunshine available to them. Those who let the summer slip away can’t dry the hay next summer. If hay is exposed to moisture or rain, it gets spoilt. That is why hay needs drying in the sunshine in the present summer. If it is left over to the coming summer that might be destroyed.

Farmers who do not act timely, have to wash their hands off the hay. Likewise, if we do not take time by its forelock, we miss the opportunities that arise for us to exploit them for our betterment: Students who are in the habit of postponing things till tomorrow, cannot hope to achieve anything in life.

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Those who do not catch hold of the opportunities at the time of their occurrence, have to rue the day. They repent later on, but then there is no use in shedding tears over the spilt milk.

A government which does not initiate timely changes in its foreign policy provides an opportunity to others to make political mileage out of it. Wise governments act most promptly to reshape their policies in the light of changing circumstances to make the best of time. They purchase time at the propitious moment.

Sunshine is a symbol of youth. The youth is required to act swiftly to avail itself of opportunities that time offers to it. Youth is a short period which if allowed to lapse without doing anything concrete, would mean a permanent loss to man. The old age is an age to sit indolently to shed tears over physical, mental loss.

Hence man must act properly at the right to achieve something in life. The burden of the song is that we should plan things in a way as to achieve our set our goals in time. Let opportunities not slip out of your hand. It calls for courage, will of a high order to face challenges to tame given opportunities for one’s betterment in life.

“Make Hay While The Sun Shines”

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