Essay No. 92: 

The saying means that man has a will, determination to carve out his course of life, while woman through certain characteristics like beauty, arrogance, has her way in life. Unlike man, she does not possess the qualities of strong will and determination. She manages her own way and is not inclined to listen to reason.

The woman is obstinate and insists on doing things, though these may go against her interests in the long run. She suffers from arrogance, pride and whatnot. She exploits the weakness of man to her advantage.

Julias Ceaser was the emperor of the Roman Empire. He was very powerful. He fell in love with the Egyptian queen Cleopatra and married her. Later on, Cleopatra exploited the weaknesses of the Ceaser and made use of his influence and power. She became the de facto ruler of the Roman Empire.

Cleopatra had her own way through beauty and feminist grace. The woman is the weakness of man. If a woman happens to be extraordinarily beautiful, she can get on the nerves of man. Man is fascinated by the beauty of a woman. She has her own way. Norman men cannot resist it.

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The question arises why man cannot resist the temptation of a woman’s beauty to prevent her from having her own way if he has the will. Does it mean that woman has got no will? Both man and woman possess will in varying degrees. It is a different matter that a woman possesses less will than man.

When a woman determines to seek revenge against man, she does it in a planned manner. Nothing can prevent a woman from taking revenge against the man when she is in a mood to do so. Both man and woman possess will, though a woman may possess less will and determination than man.  But she cannot be denied possessing will.

Monica Lewinsky’s scandal established her craftsmanship to bring former Bill Clinton American President—-under her control. She had her way to make Clinton kneel down to her overtures. Man despite having a strong will, cannot withstand the beauty and fascination of woman.