Essay No. 147:

Many Things Are Wrought By Prayer Than This World Dreams Of: The adage sums the importance of prayer in the life of man. Prayer is capable of doing miracles in life. That is why all revealed religions emphasise the importance of prayer. In Islam, believers are called upon to seek the favours of their Lord. He is nearer to man than the jugular vein. Those who beg His favours through the prescribed religious recipe, he favours them with his blessings.

Man is weak by nature. Though he has brought nature under his control, yet he is helpless in certain aspects of life. When a man is involved in some crisis of life, he feels himself a miserable cr3eature the hands of hostile forces. During the crisis, the man cries unto God, who wriggles man out of it.

The Quran declares that when a man is out of a crisis, the next moment he forgets His creator, as once again he is lost in the labyrinth of worldly activities. When a prayer emanates from the inner recesses of human hearing, it earns the approbation of Allah. The prayer to be effective must originate from the human heart in all sincerity.

Man must offer his supplication in a most humble way to evoke Allah’s Compassion and Mercies. Allah responds to man’s supplications if they are clothed in sincerity and humbleness. Allah is sufficient for a man to pull him out of adversities that befall him from time to time. Man must have faith in Allah, who alone is sufficient for everything in life.

People of other religions offer prayer to God as the religions recommend. Atheists do not believe in God or any religion. They believe in righteous deeds which are to be performed to help a man in the resolution of his problems. They consider man to be the nucleus of the world. As such their all activities are directed to serve man.

Some atheists are pious than many devoted religious people, as they refrain from indulging in different social vices. Their personal conduct is their prayer. Many Muslim go to various religious shrines to beg favours of Allah through them. They mostly visit the shrines for mundane purposes.

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Data Darbar is twenty-four-hour visited by believers, who come there to seek Allah’s blessing through Data Sahib, though Allah needs no intercession to approach Him, All the same, religious shrines attract Muslim believers, who beg the blessings of God to help them eject out of their worries and tension. It is through prayer that man seeks the favours of his Lord.

Prayer enlivens man from worldly worries. Man becomes light after offering his prayers. The West believes in mostly pragmatic philosophy. However, the people attached to religion go to churches and offer their prayers and supplications to their Lord. Prayer has a great role to play in the life of man. He can earn the blessing of peace of mind through prayer.

Prayer cannot be analysed scientifically, yet it has a great role in the life of man. Iqbal has rightly said that one should be guided by wisdom in life but sometimes it may be left all alone.

“Many Things Are Wrought By Prayer Than This World Dreams Of”