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Media In Pakistan

Essay No. 48:

Media In Pakistan: Emergence of the revolutionary and new media period has retransformed every field. There has been observed the immense influence of the media over every aspect of life including education, politics, IT and religion as well. Because of the media influence over these fields, a relationship has been created with each other. The media has been playing an important role in state affairs and politics. This involvement of the media is beyond the communication of the news; the modern and new media has offered the provision of such a platform from where the political leaders and the political parties are able to communicate their mandate for the purpose of election campaigns. Moreover higher government officials also utilize the media for maintenance of the status quo. The media through its round the clock coverage has the power to manipulate the people’s opinion and views.

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British philosopher John Stuart Mill underline the need for free speech mainly for three reasons.

“Media In Pakistan”

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