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Men Are Not Handed For Stealing Horses But That Horses May Not Be Stolen

Essay No. 113:

Men Are Not Handed For Stealing Horses But That Horses May Not Be Stolen: The statement that the primary function of law is to prevent theft of a steal. The law in a society should ensure that the property of people, including horses or anything else, is quite safe. A society in which prevails the supremacy of law can guarantee the safety of property to people.

If the hold of law is strong, it would discourage the thieves, dacoits to indulge in thefts/ acts of robbery etc. what society needs is the prevalence of law to reduce the incidence of crime.

Most of the governments in Third World countries including Pakistan happen to be soft in nature. They are bound by certain exigencies which prevent them from taking the action against crime under the law. In a feudal dominated society, criminals are encouraged to steal the cattle of their foes.

The landlords afford protection to the criminals to cover their sins of omission and commission. Crimes are committed in different forms, which are not adequately covered by the law. Above all, forces of corruption do not let the law take its own course. The police are bribed, and those violating law, often go scot-free.

The judiciary, by and large, is also subject to corruption, which indirectly encourages the commission of a crime in a society. If the law is strong, and the institution of accountability is on a stable footing, it would go a long way to discourage theft and its other form.

The best way to ensure the safety of crime is to restore the regime of law in society. Many of the social evils would terminate if the law has a stronghold. We must establish the superiority of law in Pakistan society if we wish thefts to decline.

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Apart from establishing the hold of law, poverty must be exterminated. Poverty gives rise to different social evils poverty-stricken people can commit theft and other crimes in society poverty need to be alleviated for improving the living standard of the people. The rising cost of living coupled with the increasing graph of poverty, adds fuel to the fire.

The young men snatch away cell phones, purses from ladies in broad daylight. The incidence of crime appears to be on the rise In Pakistan society. It can, among other factors, be attributed to poverty. In other words, if we wish that horses may not be stolen, then we have to reduce the existing volume of poverty, in addition to reinforcing the superiority of law in the country.

“Men Are Not Handed For Stealing Horses But That Horses May Not Be Stolen”

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