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Money Is A Good Servant, But A Bad Master

Essay No. 306:

Money Is A Good Servant, But A Bad Master: Money is a wonderful social invention of man. It has enabled man to overcome the inconveniences of the barter system. It acts as a medium of exchange and facilitates various types of transactions.

Man must possess money in order to meet his daily requirements of life. Man thus needs money to satisfy his basic needs of life. No one can deny the importance of money in the life of man. It is a good servant to serve man. There is no limit to the acquisition of money.

Man by nature wants more and more money. The desire for acquiring money is not subject to the law of diminishing utility. The more money one has, the more one still wants it. When man crosses the normal limits in respect of the acquisition of money, the latter gets on his nerves terribly.

The craze for more money pushes man to an unimaginable depth of avarice, greed and what not. Man loses sight of moral values of life and can go to any extent to acquire money. Money is said to be a potent weapon in the hands of devil to cause moral destruction in human society.

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Love for money makes man indulge in various vices, like corruption, bribery, hoarding, black marketing and smuggling etc. when money overtakes man, he becomes a slave of it. He falls a prey to evil influences in life. Money should not be allowed to assume the role of a master of man.

People in the Third World countries including Pakistan, have shown undue allegiance to money. They want to get more money to alleviate poverty in order to raise their living standard. Corruption and other social evils have cornered people from all sides.

Money should not be wanted for its own sake. It should not be allowed to put man to a position of subordination. Man must remain the master. It must remain the servant of man.

“Money Is A Good Servant, But A Bad Master”

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