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Money Obscures Reason And Justice

Essay No. 343:

Money Obscures Reason And Justice: Money is useful invention of man. It has helped man overcome the inconveniences of the barter system. It performs many useful functions and facilitates different business transactions. It is a useful servant of man. It becomes, however, a source of nuisance when it gets over the nerves of man. When it emerges an end itself money creates many complications in the life of man.

Over-pursuit of money blinds the vision of man to ignore all kinds of moral values. People especially in the Third World countries pursue money for its own sake. They ignore reason and justice in the hot pursuit of money. Values like justice get trampled upon under the crude boots of money. People who indulge in corruption and bribery, by pass the consideration of morality and justice.

They inflict injustice on other to do ‘justice’ to themselves to grab money. It obscures the vision of people regarding justice, fair-play. People guinded by the lush of money care little about the difficulties of others, as their aim is to grab as much money as possible to satisfy their growing material desire. Corruption, injustice are the aftermath of the desire to acquire money.

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People resort to unfair means to acquire money. That is how, a hitherto honest society may become extremely dishonest when it comes over to the acquisition of money. Nothing is unfair in the game of money. That is why all religions bear upon their followers not to accept the slavery of money. The best way to reduce desire for money is to have minimum worldly desires. The less the desire, the less lust of money etc.

Hence if man wishes to lead a contented, happy life, he must not make himself a tool in the hands of mundane desires. Islam preaches the virtue of austere living. So if we wish Pakistan society to stand by justice by avoiding the social evils like corruption, bribery, injustice, we must follow ourselves to be overpowered by the lust of money. Money must be acquired in a genuine, rightful way.

If people listen to call of religion they profess to follow, money cannot eclipse them, rather it would stand eclipsed by a diminution in material desires. One has to agree to the quotation that money, obscures reason and justice when it became the be-all and end-all of man’s objective in life.

“Money Obscures Reason And Justice”

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