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Moral Depravity Is The Root Cause Of Poverty

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Moral Depravity Is The Root Cause Of Poverty: Depravity means dispossession of material things and to be kept out of enjoyment in life. Moral depravity implies deprivation of moral, ethical principles or considerations in life. According to the proposition, poverty is the root cause of moral depravity. It is highly debatable.

Poverty is an economic, social phenomenon, which is caused by a number of factors. Economic backwardness of individuals / nations lies at the root of poverty. The poor countries suffer from low income per capita, which means that the people cannot maintain a high living standard. Event hey are handicapped in meeting the bare basic economic needs of life.

Poverty thus is the consequence of economic backwardness or under development in a country. People do not have an access to clean drinking water facilities, not to speak of basic health care. They cannot send their children to primary schooling because of grinding poverty. The poor people turn out to be dehumanized beings. The poor do not have a high level of morality.

Temptation of few coins of money can drive a poor man to commit any social crime in the society. These is a saying of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) that poverty can push a person to the lap of godlessness. Poverty is itself is a great crime which needs to be wiped out to release a large segment of man form its pernicious influence. Poverty nourishes moral depravity, which tends to exacerbate with the aggravation of poverty.

There appears a casual relationship between poverty and moral depravity. Both are two sides of a coin. Hence logically it is wrong to infer that moral depravity promotes poverty. Rather it is reverse of it. let it be stated in unambiguous terms poverty is their mother of many social evils. The morality of an individual is loosened by poverty.

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One should thus dread poverty, which can shake a person in life. The poor countries are involved in a vicious circle which tends to repeat itself with the passage of time. The poor, the underfed, the malnourished, can go to any extent to satisfy their basic economic needs. Hence it should be the responsibility of a government to provide an economic environment to reduce the gulf between the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’.

Life hangs on the poor, who suffer from under nourishment and eke out their existence like animals. Animals do not have morality. A hunger cow can move into a green pasture to satisfy her hunger without caring to know whether it belongs to her master or not. A poor man’s morality is to satisfy his hunger for being a victim of depravity.

Hence if we wish to improve the graph of morality, we must consciously endeavor to improve the living of the poor, the depraved. Some poor people have a strong sense of morality. The rich generally have a low level of morality (exceptions are there). Most of the corruption in Pakistan is done by the rich elite classes.

There is tax evasion and corrupt practice are resorted to fill in the coffers with riches and wealth. According to the proposition, the rich should not show moral depravity. In actual life moral depravity is mostly exhibited by the rich-moneyed classes. Things thus are to be interpreted in their relative context.

“Moral Depravity Is The Root Cause Of Poverty”

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