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Essay No. 15:

My Hobby: Hobby, in fact, is a free-time activity just for pleasure not for material gains. The word “Hobby” is derived from “Hobby Horse” which is a stick fitted with a wooden horse and on which small children ride for their amusement. So, hobby is a useful work which can be taken up during leisure. Hobby means a useful work in which one takes interests and drives pleasure by doing it in spare time without any monetary benefit. This occupation is quite apart from the regular work. There are many hobbies like gardening, stamp-collecting, coin-collecting, photography, reading etc. which one adopts according to one’s taste and purse.

It is a reaction from the exhaustion and fever of life. After a day’s hard labour, not all persons can go to see the movie and visit clubs for entertainment and amusement.

Gardening is my favourite hobby through which I can see Nature and enjoy it. Nature is a true and dependant guide of man. Wordsworth contends that Nature never betrays anyone who loves her. Nature pleases everybody who looks at her.

Ours is a big bungalow at Defense in Sialkot. There is open space for vegetation, fruits and flowers. I have grown flower plants of rose, lily and sunflower. The sweet fragrance of the flowers serves, as a tonic for my body and thus relieves me of becoming a prey to some disease; I have planted a few fruits also. There is adequate growth of vegetables in our compound. So, we seldom purchase any vegetable from the market.

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Gardening provides me with a good exercise for the day. It keeps me healthy, happy and fresh for the day’s labour. I work in the garden whenever I am free.

Gardening is my sincere friend and inspires me whenever I am in a depressed mood. Whenever I cast a glance over my small garden and see the beautiful flowers, my heart blossoms.

Life is strife. If we rest, if we work, we shine, if we shine, the world gives us credit. Moreover, an empty mind is a devil’s workshop. It is better that one should pass a very much busy life. Struggle in life itself gives pleasure to a man.

Hobby, thus, is an interesting pursuit through which one derives pleasure, reaction and amusement in the leisure. In the hobby, one sucks pleasure, feels exalted and mentally elated. Hobby removes the monotony and melancholy of mind. Rather, hobbies have a great educative value. Moreover, a hobby gives a stimulus to better living. In bad times hobby supports the man. It gives financial support as well if properly some work is done. On the whole, the hobby has just advantages.

My Hobby