Essay No. 28:

National Integration In Pakistan: National Integration means the factors that integrate a nation into one whole that includes language, geographical unity, culture and ideology. In the case of Pakistan, it is the ideology of Pakistan that made culturally diverse linguistically different and ethnically varied units to assemble themselves at a platform for the achievement of Pakistan.

As Pakistan came into being there came multiple ethnic, religious and economic problems that built serious cracks into the national unity and the most severe was the blow of 1971 that disintegrated Pakistan into two countries. Let us look retrospectively to analyse the cracks and fault lines that are hitting the structure of our national fabric.

Our weaknesses are more than our strengths but an optimistic approach can help to overcome these problems. Pakistan’s society is composed of various geographical, linguistic, cultural communities that display a lot of difference in attitude, outlook, conduct, behaviour and way of life.

There are linguistic groups as Punjabi, Balochi, Pathan and Sindhi who display obvious distinction and differences among themselves with respect to the languages they speak and, to some extent, the way they lead their lives. Besides above, other divisions are obviously powerful hindrances in the way to national integration as our western educated elite and those educated in religion and theology.

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