Essay No. 266:

Not To Worry But To Let Things Go May Amount To Grace In Life: There is no denying the fact that life is a pack of worries which man has to face at different times in life. Worries give anxious and worrying moments to man. If man worries too much and gets upset, he creates more worries for himself.

Worries consume man from within. Hence it is not advisable to be a tool in the hands of worries. Those who worry over trifling things, are swept away by more tide of worries. When man is confronted with a worrying situation, he should better device a suitable pragmatic strategy to overcome them.

He should not indolently sit over situations causing worry to him. Rather he should launch struggle on right lines to reduce the intensity of worries. If despite man’s best efforts, situation does not improve, then he should leave everything to god. Sometimes the tide of time goes against man.

Under such circumstance many should stop worrying against man. Under such circumstance many should stop worrying and rely more on supplications and prayers to God. Prayer’s efficacy cannot be questioned. There goes a saying that “many things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of”.

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Above all, tide of time is not stationary. It rises and falls. So man should wait for the favorable time to arise in his life. Till then he should to bother and get consumed by worries. One should reconcile to an attitude of acceptability of whatever may happen in life.

Man loses peace of mind when overwhelmed with worries. He should thus release his mind from the cobweb of worries to lead a normal life. Worries create more worries and rob man of contentment. Man thus has to pay a heavy price for worrying unnecessarily.

He should provide an adequate response to given challenges and wait for the result. A gauntlet be thrown to challenges, followed by incessant struggle to come out them.

There is no room for escapism in life. Man’s job is to struggle and it Allah’s will to crown his efforts with success. When things go beyond man’s control, then he should allow them to go to have their way. This course could greatly lessen worries and tension.

“Not To Worry But To Let Things Go May Amount To Grace In Life”