Essay No. 203:

Number One Problem Of Pakistan: Problem can be big or small. Small problems when remain unaddressed to grow into big ones. Hence problems need to be resolved on a continual basis if a community wished not to be buried under their debris. Those who show an ostrich’s attitude in recognizing problems in their real perspective, ultimately have to pay a big price for showing the attitude of indifference.

There are a host of social, economic and political problems. Pakistan is beset with at present. A series of crises grip Pakistan. On a deeper analysis, one finds interconnection between different problems. Most of the economic problems have their roots in different social disciplines like sociology, political science, etc. problems are interrelated to one another.

They form a long chain, each link linked to the other. Hence one can pick up any link and dilate on its relative importance in relation to the others. In my view, lack of various types of institutions in Pakistan is the number one problem it suffers from. Institutions, their continuity and growth contribute to stability in a country. In times of dangers and uncertainty, institutions help a country overcome different types of crises.

Countries with stable institutions are able to weather different crises. Countries however, with weak or emaciated institutions can’t face abnormal situations that arise so frequently in their life. The weakness of Pakistan lies in having emaciated institutions, which have not been allowed to grow and sustain themselves overtime, by the rulers—military as well as civil. Institutions don’t suit the rulers who have certain fishy interests to promote.

The basic institution, out of which economic and political institutions flow, is the constitution of a country. If constitution remains intact, It gives guarantee of the rule of law. Rule of law means the regime of merit. Hence if constitution were safeguarded, it would give rule of law to the people. It would lead to the dispensation of all-round justice in a society.

The tragedy of the time is that since the inception of Pakistan, it has been derailed form the rule of law mostly by the military adventures. The first victim of their personal ambition is the judiciary in Pakistan. Judges like Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, having the guts and courage to bow not before the military dictators, are few and far between.

The judiciary in Pakistan on the whole has fallen a prey to opportunism, justifying the military rule on grounds of the prey to opportunism, justifying the military rule on grounds of the doctrine of necessity. The military rule on grounds of the doctrine of necessity. The military rule has decimated the already fragile institutions. It has left Pakistan in a state of quandary. Crippling of institutions is the predicament of Pakistan.

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Pakistan was achieved to establish rule of law and provide social justice to the people. The military rule particularly under the stint of Pervaiz Musharraf, has encouraged the military personnel to build economic assets, resulting in the exploitation of national resources for their personal growth at the cost of national interests. This has resulted in widening the cleavage between the elites and the non-elites.

Pakistan has become a fort of economic exploitation of the poor people. The outgoing parliament was a rubber stamp parliament as it did not have the moral muscles to flex to debate national issues independently. Thus when institutions are eroded away, a state of vacuum arises, posing a great threat to the nation.

Parliament should become the sovereign body to take independent decisions on national issues thereby safeguarding the national sovereignty (a debtor country theoretically possesses sovereignty, but not practically, as it is placed under the tutelage of its masters). I pray to God that the present parliament proves its credentials of independence.

It should debate national issues freely and independently to deliver the masses form servitude and fetters of slavery. In short, institution must be strengthened and put on an even keel to fight against different crises arising at different times. Stable and mature institutions could guarantee Pakistan’s survival. Problems would tend to peter out in presence of institutions. The thrust evidently should be on building and maturing institutions.

Military rule has done incalculable damage to Pakistan. May Allah keep Pakistan safe from this deluge in time to come. It could be possible when every ounce of energy were devoted to consolidate institutions in Pakistan. Most of the problems would end when Pakistan could have stable institutions.

“Number One Problem Of Pakistan”