Essay No. 329:

Old Age Hath Its Victories No Less Renowned That Youth: According to the saying, different periods in the life of man, have their own relative charms and weaknesses. Childhood is carefree period in the life of man. A child whether born in a rich or poor family, brings his freedom in the world. Childhood is a period of freedom, which man when grows to manhood, remembers nostalgically throughout his life.

The period of youth is the period of intense activity. It brings hectic struggle in its wake. The youth has to struggle hard to attain its goals. It calls for a lot of determination on the part of the youth to grapple with the difficulties of life. The whole period of youth is spent struggle and strife. During this period man realizes the dreams of his life. Man encounters different types of experiences – some pleasant others unpleasant, which be begins to visualize in the old age.

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The old age undoubtedly is an age of increasing physical ailments. It clamps upon man various physical deformities which he has to bear. This part of the age is followed by pain, agony and what not. Apart from the physical deformities that man experiences in different forms, he also gets an opportunity of providing rich practical expertise to his offspring, should they be interested in receiving it.

Old age represents maturity of mind and it enables man to gain an insight into the complexities of life. Some retired persons who have zest of life in them start certain enterprises, which they handle very well. A positive attitude can help man, irrespective of age factor, achieve many remarkable things.

Age is no barrier to man, provided he has the will and iron determination, to fight against adverse circumstances. The old age is an age of mental ripeness, developed observation, which traits can be utilized for the good of the young.

“Old Age Hath Its Victories No Less Renowned That Youth”