Old Order Changeth Yielding Place To New Lest One Good Custom Should Corrupt The World

Essay No. 119:

Old Order Changeth Yielding Place To New Lest One Good Custom Should Corrupt The World: Tennyson in these lines highlights the importance of change in life. Even a good system, not periodically subjected to change, can become a source of corruption in the long run. Hence every man-made order/system needs a change. There can be little doubt about it. Everything in the world is subject to change.

Shelly too, expounds this theme. In his poem ‘Ode to the West Wind’ he says ‘O wind, if winter comes, can spring be far behind?” He gives the message of change and hope. Winter is not to continue forever. It is to be replaced by the spring. The cycle of change continues uninterruptedly in life.

No one can halt the operation of the law of change. It is the most inexorable law. Man’s life thus is subject to an oscillation of change. If a person is wealthy today, he can become pauper tomorrow. In other words, changes go occurring in the life of man. He cannot escape change.

Allama Iqbal in his own way says:

ثبات ایک تخیر کو ہے زمانہ میں

[only change enjoys permanence and stability in the world.]

If there is anything stable, that is change. Change is the basic law of life which must be accepted in good taste. He who tries to subvert change is subverted himself.

Man wishes status quo to prevail because it serves his peculiar vested interests. Different mafias operating in society. Tenaciously cling to old order which helps promote and perpetuate their fishy interests. Elite classes stand for the perpetuation of the existing politico-economic order which suits them.

This order militates against the interests of man in the street. Under the present order interests of the ruling politicians are served well. The present political order does not make it possible for the talented belonging to the poor classes come forward to contest elections. Elections are fought by the moneyed feudal/ industrialists.

Every time old/new faces belonging to the same classes are seen landing in the arena of politics to contest elections. The existing order is promoting income disparity between the rich and the poor, suiting the former and going against the interests of the latter.

The present political and going against the interests of the latter. The present political mafia strongly favours the retention of the existing politico-economic order, though it no longer suits the poor majority. The old order tends to be perpetuated over time, which the ruling mafia wants it to continue in the future.

The point is that the existing order, suiting a few classes, is not discarded because it suits them. According to the law of nature, it must change, yielding place to a new order to take hold of the poor, the oppressed, the depraved. Change must assert itself. Before it gets too late, some progressive changes may be brought about through legislation to make it poor-friendly.

At the international level, one sees glaring income disparities between the developed and the underdeveloped countries. The income disparities are getting exacerbated over time, though the relative income gap is comparatively improving absolute income gap widening.

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Under the existing international economic order, the developed countries are getting richer and affluent, the poor countries poorer, licking the wounds of poverty and underdevelopment. It is the most iniquitous order, which helps in the transference of resources from the poor to the rich countries. The WTO is feared to act in the poor Third World.

The order must be changed to ensure economic empowerment of the Third World countries. The present political order places the strong, the powerful in a situation of advantage. It can embolden, economically, technologically advanced countries to prey upon small nations to capture their resources for their own advantage.

The law of the survival of the fittest holds most ferociously, particularly at the international level. The poor are exposed to the vagaries of the rich, the strong. This law has been operating with full force since the creation of the world. The law needs to be neutralized through the operation of moral forces. Man must be made to respond to the calls of morality. In this lies the safety of the weak.

“Old Order Changeth Yielding Place To New Lest One Good Custom Should Corrupt The World”