Essay No. 328:

One Can Be Wise Without Books: The saying means that books are not the only source of wisdom to man. Books undoubtedly are the repository of the accumulated wisdom of men. One sharpens one’s intellect by reading books. Reading of books is necessary for broadening human intellect. There can be no tow opinions about it. it is books which provide knowledge and wisdom to man.

Scientists to carry on their research have to consult books and journals. One cannot underrate the importance of books for increasing one’s knowledge and gaining wisdom. One may say, that it is not the whole truth. Another source of wisdom is the human observation and experience. There are people, who do not have any formal schooling or training, but when they talk they scatter pearls of wisdom.

It is in the knowledge of the scribe that there was a dispute between two brothers over something. Even the most knowledgeable expressed their incompetence to intervene to resolve the dispute. The dispute was brought before an old man, who had been though up in the hard school of experience. He puffed ‘hookah-smoke’ and in a moment of reflection came out his practical views on the problem.

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That surprised many educated men, how he had hit the nail on the head, though he was totally illiterate. He was asked how he hit upon the solution of the problem. He replied that he largely relied on his practical experience combined with his sense of perception. He come out with the solution which was accepted by both the parties and the confrontation was avoid.

The point to grasp is that bookish knowledge is not a pre-requisite for gaining an insight into cast Panorama of life. More important is the observation of man on things around him. People endowed with a sharp observation can interpret things in life. It does not require any formal knowledge.

Observation coupled experience, makes man wise to draw inferences from things. Even illiterate people can have better understanding about the problems of life than the men of learning. So one can gain wisdom through experience, observation and a subtle sense of perception. Bookish knowledge is not necessary.

“One Can Be Wise Without Books”