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One Must Be Poor To Know The Luxury Of Giving

Essay No. 320:

One Must Be Poor To Know The Luxury Of Giving: The statement implies that the rich who possess the abundance of wealth, can spare some money to be given in the form of alms to the poor. They do not feel any pain in sparing some part of wealth as charity.

The poor who do not possess wealth, and do not have two square meals a day, will be making a great sacrifice to part with a loaf of bread to feed the other. It is an example of high sacrifice to give something to the other when one doesn’t have anything to give.

Hence a poor man, who has only two loafs of bread, when gives one to the other, acting on the principle: thy need is greater than mine, indeed experiences a sense of joy and pleasure. Such people are dear to God, who despite poverty and deprivation, hold the welfare of the other sacred to their heart.

They prefer to expose themselves to starvation rather than keeping the other starved. Life is a gift of God. Giving is a luxury for those who do not have money or wealth, but they are motivated to save the life of the other by parting whatever little they have.

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They stand for giving life and not taking it by giving little whatever they have. They are blessed with a great heart that vibrates with the sufferings of others. The poor thus make a great sacrifice when they try to meet the needs of other, though they themselves do not possess money. In the eyes of Allah, they enjoy a very high status.

The rich having plenty of wealth, when decide to give a fraction of it, to help the needy, do something good. They don’t experience any pain in parting with a part of their wealth for doing a good deed, but when it come over to a poor man, readily giving a bread out of two to the other more needy than himself, is an example of supreme sacrifice.

The poor know the luxury of giving, when they themselves do not have enough to part with. A poor man not be poor at heart, while a rich man, may be extremely poor at heart.

“One Must Be Poor To Know The Luxury Of Giving”

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