Essay No. 331:

Parents These Days Scarcely Bring Up Their Children, They Finance Them: I share the truth contained in the statement. The children of industrialists, elite classes mostly do not receive the attention of their parents. The latter are frightfully buy in their material pursuits of life and they do not have to give to their children to look after their mental growth. The career women mostly hand over their babies to paid nurses, who take care of the children.

They feed them with bottled milk, nurse them well. Children mostly in case of career women, do not suck the milk of human kindness. Children who are not fed with the bread-milk, invariably are found wanting in qualities of compassion and mercy. The children no doubt are brought up in the best possible environment, but they fail to maintain a personal touch with their parents and get deprived of their personal attention. It is a great loss to reckon with.

Parents belonging to the aforementioned classes think that provision of good food, clothes and education are enough to bring up the children. In reality, children need a loving hand to be provided by their parents. Lack of personal touch on the part of parents creates a void in the life of the children. Impersonal atmosphere in rich homes thus deprives children of love, affection and compassion.

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The gap can be filled by parents who despite their multifarious engagements, should find some time to devote to their children to look after their problems. It is true of rich parents who merely provide all facilities of living to their children minus their personal attention. They finance the education of their children very well, but scarcely give time to them owing to their material preoccupations.

is a wrong attitude, as money alone cannot be enough to answer all problems of the children. What they not for their proper upbringing is the personal attention of the parents, which can go a long way to abridge the undesirable gap occurring in the personal of children.

“Parents These Days Scarcely Bring Up Their Children, They Finance Them”