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Peace The Essential Message Of Our Religion: There is no denying the fact Islam stands for peace in the world. If fosters peace, tranquility and urges believers to promote peace in order to deal with the temporal activities of life. It does not encourage war mongering types of activities.

In the Holy Quran there is a mention of ancient nations—Aad and Smoud, which indulged in creating disorderliness, anarchy on the surface of the earth. As a result thereof the nation was wiped out of existence. There is a lesson for believers to avoid anarchy, disorderliness, which could upset peace in the world.

Islam is a religion of peace, which gives the message of tranquility to the followers by avoiding the course of conflict and confrontation. It does not convey in any sense the idea of aggressiveness. All that it preaches is to stick to the cable of Allah steadfastly by following the course of righteousness under all conditions.

It boldly denounces such ventures which could upset peace, calm in the world. The believers are enjoined upon to follow the course of righteousness by avoiding evil forces which could corrupt their life. When enemies are hell-bent of effacing believers on the surface of the earth, then they are required to defend themselves against the forces of might.

The question of passivity under such circumstance does not arise. The Israel has been unleashing forces of tyranny, oppression against the defenseless Palestinians since it was planted in the heart of the Arab world. Israel backed by America and other West European powers has been following the policy of suppression against the Palestinians, who in a bid to defend themselves are putting up with untold agonies and cruelties perpetrated by Israel.

The peace in the Middle East is in an injured, bruised state. The Palestinians can’t be blamed for creating turmoil in that part of the Middle East. Likewise Kashmiris are the wanton victims of Hindus brutalities in the Indian held Kashmir. Kashmiris demand the right of self-determination which the UNSC’s resolution recognize.

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In other words, it is the hegemonic ambition of the powers that be which have led to the uprising in certain Muslim dominated areas. The undue suppression of the people in held Kashmir and Palestine, have set in motion forces destabilizing peace. Terrorism, which is condemn-able, is the consequence of economic injustices, denial of rights of people by the world powers that be.

It is the result of reaction against the negative forces that have appeared in different parts of the world that the peace process stands jeopardized. The US invoking the ‘preemptive strike doctrine’ invaded Iraq and caused colossal destruction in terms of human lives and property. The peace was torn to shreds. Rather is lay under the heave boots of the US.

Likewise America since 9/11 has been targeting Afghanistan and Northern Ares including FATA, in Pakistan in a bid to exterminate terrorism. But terrorism continues to rise in turn foiling the NATO attempts to undo it. Someone has rightly compared global terrorism to a tree in which the leaves are individuals, the branches are terror organizations and the roots are illiteracy, poverty and unresolved disputes like Kashmir, Palestine, etc. the leaves and branches will keep growing until the root causes of terrorism are addressed.

It is a realistic assessment of the present situation. The gross inequalities witnessed between the developed and the underdeveloped countries need to be reduced through the institution of New World Economic order. It’s most unfortunate that Islam, which preaches peace, has been bracketed with terrorism, imperiling peace. Islam is not to blame.

What is to be blame is the gross injustice being done to certain Muslim countries to make them a scapegoat in the furtherance of the ambition of interested powers. Top of all, the age-old animosity of the Christian world against Islam often comes to be demonstrated like the publication of sacrilegious cartoons. The feelings of the Muslim are hurt, and sacrilegious types of activities are fanned by the west.

Inter-faith dialogue be initiated to minimize chances of friction between the Christian and the Muslim world. Islam gives the message fop eave to mankind. How could it go against peace, which alone can bring about harmony in the world?

“Peace The Essential Message Of Our Religion”