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People Living In Glass Houses Should Throw Stones At Other

Essay No. 171:

People Living In Glass Houses Should Throw Stones At Other: The maxim embodies a reality of life. A glasshouse is symbolic of the power, pelf, riches, and economic affluence, an individual can hold in life. It is the elitist class that possesses the above referred traits in an abundant measure in Pakistan.

Politicians, rulers, bureaucrats enjoy power, influence and they can be deemed to be living in glasshouse amidst huts, poor tenements and cottages, where even the minimum of hygienic facilities are not available. The powerful, the strong, according to the maxim should refrain from targeting the poor, the underprivileged by ridiculing them and holding them in contempt.

They should not make a fun of their poverty and helplessness. Stones of hatred and contempt should not be hurled at the downtrodden, the resource less. Reaction form this class be violent, which could lead to the smashing of glass houses. It was Kari Marx who through his doctrine of ‘Surplus Value’ pointed out that it is labor which creates surplus value, but it is usurped by capitalists as only a fraction of fit is given to the labor just to subsist in life.

By doing so, the capitalists resort to the exploitation of the labor. It is tantamount to throwing stones on the labor. According to Marx, the workers in the end would rise in the revolt to overthrow the monarchy of capitalism to be replaced with the dictatorship of the proletariat (laboring class) the excessive exploitation would lead to a revolt on the part of labor.

Throwing stones on labor in the form of heinous type of exploitation, gives rise to a severe reaction on the part of labor. Hence the wealthy, the influential should not infuriate the poor classes by throwing stones at them in different forms. Pakistan appears to be a sociologically polarized society. The feudal keep the hari in a state of serfdom. The industrialist aims at increasing his profit by adopting various techniques of exploitation.

The politician stands for amassing wealth by exploiting his position in the polity of Pakistan. The bureaucrat by passes merit and decided cases on the basis of favoritism under the dictation of ruling politicians. All these acts amount to throwing stones at the poor people of Pakistan; otherwise there could be a violent type of reaction form the cruelty-ridden people. The present sharp polarization in Pakistan must end. The sooner, the better.

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Before the creation of Pakistan, Muslims were run down upon by Hindus in different fields like education, trade and commerce, money and finance by the Hindus. The latter lived in glasshouse and threw stones at Muslims. The latter had realized that they could not better their lot if they were to live with Hindus in India.

That gave rise to freedom movement under the leadership of the Quied-e-Azam. Pakistan movement was a reaction of the Muslims to the Hindu domination. It gave a birth to an independent homeland for Muslims in the form Pakistan. The crux of the discussion is that those who wield power, influence should not ridicule the ones who are powerless or resource less, as a sharp reaction could come form the depraved, the underprivileged.

If the deprived section of society picks up stones and stars throwing at the glasshouse of the privileged, those could be smashed by the uprising of the former.

“People Living In Glass Houses Should Throw Stones At Other”

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