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Essay No. 167:

Perseverance The Very Hinge Of Virtue: According to the maximum, those who possess the power of perseverance, are near a great virtue. Perseverance means consistency in doing things in a manner as to overcome forces of resistance in life to pave way for the attainment of a given objective. Consistency is a great virtue, which enables man to wade through the most difficult.

Those who bear the onslaughts of life patiently are the virtuous. Man begins to grumble when he falls upon the thorns of life. No doubt he bleeds, but if he puts up with pain without showing any demur, he emerges out successfully in the battle of life in the long run. People have different capacity of endurance. Some have a high while others have a low capacity of endurance.

Those who show patience and perseverance to bear the agonies of life are the real tribulations of life. One should rather with a smiling face bear the trials and tribulations of life. If one’s star is under cloud today, tomorrow it would pass out of the despondency phase. Happiness, joy required is that man must show consistency in his behavior instead of getting jittery over trifles of life.

Trials are trails and man has to pass through them willy-nilly. What man needs is perseverance to silently fight against unfavorable forces to create a way for his onward advance. It is like passing through thorny bushes in a way as to avoid the pricking of throns. This needs a hell of courage and perseverance to pick up cudgel against the thorny forces of life.

Walpol in his novel ‘Fortitude’ rightly remarks, “Tisn’t life that matters, but the courage you put into it.” Courage coupled with perseverance, leads to the emergence of a man to face the hazards of life in a silent manner.

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One is reminded of hemmingway’s the old sailor, In his novel ‘The Old Man And The Sea’, who is shown as a rock of perseverance to bear the piercing remarks of other sailors who dub him as the most unfortunate in not coming across a big fish for a number of days. He is not upset rather shows consistency in his purpose by putting his boat in the sea for fishing.

Man thus should have a big stamina in life to grapple with in pleasant situations that could crop up at any time. Life demands patience and perseverance to encounter forces of opposition without being depressed Mountaineers offer the best example of perseverance as at every step they meet the most virulent and hostile nature but they do not give up courage.

Steadily and slowly they move forward in inches without caring about the hostility of nature. In short one may say that effort is the fate of man, who is required to come to grips with the adversities of life. Courage, perseverance are the tools to face the adversities, hostilities and oddities of life. Develop these tools if you wish success in the CSS/PMS examinations.

“Perseverance The Very Hinge Of Virtue”