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Philosophy Is In Two Words: Abstain Or Sustain

Essay No. 274:

Philosophy Is In Two Words: Abstain Or Sustain: As a matter of fact, philosophy, which is a science of logic and reason, cannot be compressed to two words. Its domain is very wide which cannot be reduced to two words, as the proposition reveals.

Philosophy can be interpreted in the given contact as wisdom or pragmatic thinking. The proposition is liable to different interpolations symbolically. Two words abstain and sustain prominently figure out in the proposition, which are diametrically opposite to each other.

Abstain means withdrawal, surrender, inactivity, disappointment and pessimism, while sustain signifies activity, hope and optimism, in the light of the meaning of the words, we now proceed to offer symbolic explanation of the proposition. The proposition revolves around the theme: do or don’t, meaning thereby that there can be no middle past between the two.

Either do a thing and get ready to face the consequences that flow out of it or don’t do to. There is little room for escapism. To be or not to be does not suit life. Those who indulge in amletisation, do not heHaletisation, do not get near their destination, as life does not brook indecisiveness.

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One has to go either way. One should not act like pendulum of a watch moving to and fro, gaining no stability. Hence in policy come to conclusion that foreign aid has a crucial role to play in the economic development of the country and it is rather a matter of compulsion, then they should go whole hog with it.

If they cannot greatly. Before taking the decision, the planners must view the negative effects of foreign aid. Either they should opt for foreign aid or shelve the decision to invite it. There is no middle choice for them. If the anticipated growth rate could be achieved by relying on indigenous resources, then the choice of foreign aid be dropped.

There is no middle path which could be followed. Hence one should either abstain from taking a decision or upholding it. One should thus not waver between “to be or not to be”. There is no place for neutralism.

“Philosophy Is In Two Words: Abstain Or Sustain”

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