Study2Compete Sundry Essays Ploughman On His Legs Is Higher Than A Gentleman On His Knees

Ploughman On His Legs Is Higher Than A Gentleman On His Knees

Essay No. 330:

Ploughman On His Legs Is Higher Than A Gentleman On His Knees: The proverb throws light on the importance of labour. A farmer who ploughs the land with the sweat of his brow to produce a crop stands much higher than a gentleman doing nothing. A young man pretending to be gentle but doing no work at all, is a drab on society. A society’s growth depends on labour and hard work.

If individuals like to remain idle doing no work, would soon hasten the fall of their society. Life does not brook idleness at all. That is the most fatalistic attitude on life. Life consists of struggle. It demands hard work from man. If man adopts an escapist attitude in life, it would do him no good at all. Man is required to be up and doing. Men who believe in labour and hard work can uplift a society.

Sluggish, dull men can run down a society terribly. It is in the blood of living nations to do hard work for overcoming the constraints, limitations that stand in their way to move forward in life. They do not sit idle to wait for miracles to happen. Their miracle is hard labour by force of which they attain their goal. The developed countries believe in the dignity of labour.

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The engineers soil their hands and cloths while working on machinery. Engineers in the Third World countries are reputed for not moving a chair for themselves. Countries having tough men to deal with the vagaries of life, are the blessed ones. Pakistan being a developing country needs ploughman to raise agricultural crops to feed the growing population. It needs an active population which could accept new challenges to resolve them on the basis of strong wire, hard work.

People who not recognize the dignity of labour are only fools. If people merely rely on theoretical discussions, that is not enough to deal with the hard core problems. Hence ploughmen are a blessing who do a great source to people in raising a number of crops by bearing the agony of weather and putting up with untold hardships. Hence they stand much higher than a gentleman discussing problems in a philosophical-cum-abstract vein.

“Ploughman On His Legs Is Higher Than A Gentleman On His Knees”

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