Essay No. 93:

Politics Is A Strife Of Interests Masquerading As A Contest Of Principles: The statement implies that politics is a game of promoting vested interests of politicians. Politicians at the time of elections present themselves before masses, fighting for a good cause. They give the impression to masses that they fight for them, though under the mask they are seen striving for achieving their personal ends. Politics is shown as a fight of principles.


The poor gullible masses in Pakistan are duped by politicians. They are taken in by the hollow promises of the politicians.  Politicians are past masters in concocting stories to play with the sentiments of simple masses. The people promised certain civil amenities which are denied to them after the elections are over.


This is typically characteristic of poor countries like Pakistan. Politics is a game of deception and fraud. Politicians appear before masses in the livery of Christ to serve their interests. They don themselves with the cloak of saintliness, beneath which there lie crookedness, treachery and fraud. Their real intentions are revealed over time.


Masses come to understand their crooked game, but they do not have any other choice except to vote for them, as persons enjoying a good reputation of honesty and integrity, cannot enter into the arena of politics. The politics in Pakistan is a game of wealth, power and the aforesaid attributes can fight elections every time. They are free to trumpet about their politics based on principles, but, in fact, they aim at serving fishy, mundane interests. The game has been going on since the inception of Pakistan.

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It is relevant to point out that in the Western countries where democracy is well entrenched, politicians have little scope of deceiving people. They can’t befool them as the electorate is literate and quite conscious of the national/international issues. In Western societies, politicians dare not unnecessarily play with the sentiments of people.


National welfare is never lost sight of. All the same, there can be a difference of opinion between governments and people over certain issues like the invasion of Iraq, in Western countries. Governments may pursue policies for some time, which do not have the general approval of the people. Policies ultimately get tailored according to the wishes of the people.

“Politics Is A Strife Of Interests Masquerading As A Contest Of Principles”