Essay No. 130:

Politics Is Perhaps The Only Profession For Which No Preparation Is Thought Necessary: The statement means that one is required not to undergo any preparation to join politics in a country like Pakistan. If one belongs to a feudal family, in which politics is perpetuated from one generation to the other, it is a certificate granted to one to fight elections.

The feudal families have a hold over the politics in Pakistan, and as such members belonging to them, consider it their birthright to enter into the arena of politics irrespective of receiving any formal training in the art of politics. They have a strong grip over the hari, the landless peasants, who are obliged to cast their votes in their favour.

The hari dare not any independent action against the will of their master. Politics in Pakistan mostly is the hostage of feudal lords/industrialists/bureaucrats (retired civil/military), who do not need any preparation to play the game of politics. Their main forte is money, power and influence. The politics is a game of money, which the aforesaid element plays much to its advantage.

There is no Schooling Academy for politicians in Pakistan. Our politicians are trained on how to carry out the genuine/ingenuine behests of the rulers, whether civilian or military. They keep their loyalty with the ruling janta. They switch off their loyalty when a ruling Janta goes off the power rails. They know the art of safeguarding their interests.

They know of no principles. All that they know is how to command the price of their loyalty. They are the manipulators of the Political Stock Exchange and can stabilize the ruling party and destabilize the party of their previous affiliation. They know the art of submission to authority. They are largely responsible for the destabilization of democracy.

This art they have learnt and practised to put democracy in the dock of expediency. Without undergoing any formal training, they are past masters of practising the philosophy of Machiavellism. There are some honourable exceptions to this rule. It must be admitted.

At the time of elections, they make a thorough preparation and formulated a planned strategy on how to win over the poor electorate. In certain constituencies, the poor voters are doled out some charity to tempt them to cast vote in favour of certain candidates. That is a part of the preparation for elections.

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Preparation in our country doesn’t mean any special training on the part of a candidate contesting elections. Political parties enrol people as workers. The moneyed class people hailing from the aforementioned classes are given party tickets to contest elections. Ordinary workers remain as ordinary workers.

It is political parties that prepare alternative leadership to grow in order to overcome any vacuum in the field of leadership. In Pakistan, the People’s Party has paved the way for the dynastical democracy. It doesn’t believe in party elections. Its own structure is undemocratic. To stimulate real democracy, it must democratize its structure and band doors to dynastical trends.

In Western countries, bright people with a sound background in education and politics are propped up to play a leading role in national politics. They are groomed to the art of politics very well at the party level. In a way, they are made to undergo practical training before jumping into the grey of politics.

Conditions in Pakistan are somewhat different. Some political parties adhere to democratic norms to prepare alternative leadership by prescribing certain tests to make leadership come up to the standard.

“Politics Is Perhaps The Only Profession For Which No Preparation Is Thought Necessary”