Essay No. 339:

Politics Is The Art Of Possible: Politics is thought be a field of possibilities. There is nothing absolute in politics. It is considered to be a game of possibilities. Politician’s primary concern is to promote the welfare of the countries they belong to, and to enhance the prestige of the political parties of which they are of members in a democratic society. Politicians are not static creatures.

They move along the currents of time to keep their and countries’ interests alive. The old alliances are discarded and new ones forged to promote theirs and national interests. There is nothing final in the field of politics. Interests continue in a shifting context, necessitating new political relationship all the time. This is true of home politicians and it equally holds good at the international level.

In case of wars, old adversaries emerge as friends and vice versa. The friendship and enmity are not permanent in the realm of politics. It is the exigency which brings about a change in friendship and enmity at the international level. So nothing is impossible in politics. The moral and ethical considerations are set aside in the furtherance of interests, which assume the form of permanent entity in the field of politics.

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So what is permanent is the national interests, which keep on changing owing to shifting of political winds. An adversary of yesterday come close to a country if the identically of interests warrants so. Hence policies is the art of possible, involving the making of new political combinations to promote the emergence of certain interests.

There may be differences between different political parties or certain issues. With the passage of times the differences may recede in the background and help promote understanding between the political parties if the newly emerging circumstance demand so. MQM and Quaid League seem to be coming near each other, which is the past were two different entities.

It is the mutuality of interests that draws political parties together. There is nothing definite about politics. If at all there is something permanent, it is the interests. Which plays a deceive role in cementing relations between the hitherto adversaries. Man is bound by his interests, and can go to any length to protect it even if he were to depart form time honored moral principles. Interests assumes the form a permanent entity. Politics thus is an art of making possible art of impossible.

“Politics Is The Art Of Possible”