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Politics Makes Strange As Bed Fellows

Essay No. 338:

Politics Makes Strange As Bed Fellows: Politics is a game of interests. The parties engaged in game, stand for promoting their interests. It does not involve moral considerations since the objective is to promote vested interests. It applies to men as well as nations. The overriding idea is to promote a given interest, even if it involves the Hitler to foes coming to a common platform and forging a united struggle to achieve it.

It dismantles the existing differences, if any, to go whole hog for the attainment of a common objective. There is nothing permanent in the realm of politics. Enemies of yesterday may become friends of today in view of the commonality of objective. Politicians thus are engaged in making different political combinations by seeking alliance with the Hitler to adversaries.

Nothing stands in the way of politicians to achieve their given objective even if they were to compromise on the principles. Commonality of interests brings politicians of different breeds together. In the instant case, Pakistan People’s party and Quaid-e-Azam League before 2008 national elections, openly abused each other.

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The Q League was dubbed as ‘Qitar League’ (row league) and Mrs. B. Bhutto openly involved Ch. Pervaiz Elahi – a big stalwart of the Quaid League, in case she was attacked in a murderous attempt. Later on, the PPP sought the co-operation of the Quaid League in wriggling out of the predicament it was in the news flashed in the media and Ch. Pervaiz Elahi had to admit that it was certain common objectives which had drawn PPP to Q League for the realization of which common struggle had to be forged.

This shows that strange political fellows can become bed fellows under the forced of some common objective. The history also testifies to this observation as hostile nations had been gathering on a common platform to realize certain identical objectives owing to their emergence due to certain typical circumstances.

The ideology is set aside to achieve a common objective between different nations. Politics being segregated from morality, can bring a lion and goat on a common plat form. Hence it is the permanence of interest which can sometimes drawn on foes and friends together.

“Politics Makes Strange As Bed Fellows”

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