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Politics The Art Of Compromise: In the realm of politics there is nothing absolute or eternal. There are ups and downs in politics, which necessitate a change in strategy to deal with the changing realities of time. a good politicians is thus flexible and not static, to reckon with day-to-day changes in politics.

Good politicians feel the pulse of masses and accordingly bring about a change in their strategy to account for the changing mood of the masses. Politics involves a series of compromises, and the seasoned politicians strike when the iron is hot. It involves the making of shifting priorities to achieve political objectives.

Politicians do not believe in a static approach. The mold themselves according to the changed circumstances. Politics is dynamic which is always in a state of flux. Politicians who fail take into account the newly emerging realities, prove a failure.

They are supposed to be very sharp and perceptive to take full advantage of changing situations. Likewise they have to absorb in themselves the changes occurring at the international level. There is a saying that friend of today can be an enemy of tomorrow and vice versa.

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Politicians thus have to move according to the nature of changing tide. The present day international politics brooks no morality or ethics. It is based on the principles of Machiavellianism. This means that one has to assess the domestic and international situation and then take action.

Politicians can’t afford to live in an ivory tower, cut off from the main currents of politics ever changing its forms. Politicians cannot isolate themselves from the masses by sticking to their own ideals.

They have to engineer a change in their thinking to mold themselves according to the requirements of masses. This means making timely compromises on changing situations is the characteristic of present day politicians.

“Politics The Art Of Compromise”