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Essay No. 184:

Power Without Love In Dangerous: There is an element of truth hidden in the maxim. Power and authority intoxicate people with more power and they are divested of love. They turn out to be tyrants and can go to any extent to suppress people to perpetuate their tyrannical rule. Sentiments of love, sympathy evaporate form their life and they become engines of suppression.

There goes a saying that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. So those moving to move into the corridors of power are not permitted by forces of power to move into the corridors of love. They are sheer brutes, who could perpetrate worst type of atrocities on people in the name of power.

Lions, tigers panthers are regarded as the most powerful animals. Their power in unchecked in a jungle. They prey upon the weak animals whenever they feel hungry. Powerful animals are alien to love. Likewise the powerful is stranger to love, human commiseration. The powerful in order to stick to power can move over dead bodies of human beings.

They harkens to the advice of Machiavelli to safeguard their power, even if they were to shed human blood. They believe in the philosophy that it is not means which determine ends but ends justifying means to achieve specific ignoble objectives. The ruling dictators embody in themselves animalistic traits, as they could walk over moral values under the boots of power and force.

Hence power if segregated form love, becomes a naked force of aggression to steam roll over humanity. The history of Islamic caliphates shows that the caliphs exercising power and authority did not misuse them rather used them to promote the greatest good of the greatest number. The case of Caliph Umar (RA) can be cited in this context.

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Hazrat Umar (RA) while disguising himself used to take round of area of acquaint himself with the problems of people. Once he passed by a house and he heard the cries of children who were dying of hunger. Their mother to beguile the children was biling stones in a kettle. When the children pressed her to give them something to eat, she desperately yelled out, “Should I give you the liver of Umar to eat? I don’t have anything to offer you to satisfy your hunger.’

Hazrat Umar (RA) overheard it and immediately went to Bait-ul-mal. He carried a sack of flour on his back and brought it to the cottage of the lady. This is an extreme example of power and loving hand in hand. Power should evisage love on the part of rulers to alleviate the sufferings of the poor and downtrodden in life. Power should be employed as a lever of love.

Even under democracy power is to be used to earn the blessings of the people by serving them with total devotion and love. Rulers in the western countries consider themselves as servants of the people whom they serve to the best of their creed. Democracy fosters love between the rulers and the ruled. It’s rather unfortunate that rulers in Pakistan have been serving themselves by using the level of power and not the people of Pakistan.

They only love themselves. Their love is reserved for only for themselves and their ilk. Power when served properly is turned out to love in a larger permanent. Let them combine power with love to serve the poor people in Pakistan. Democracy demands love form the rulers in connection with the resolution of the problems of the people.

“Power Without Love In Dangerous”