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Redrawing Provincial Boundaries

Essay No. 47:

Redrawing Provincial Boundaries: The country that is already plagued with the ailments of regionalism, energy riots, target killings suicide bombings and wanton acts of terrorism is pushed into a new controversy of epic proportion is that is bound to enhance polarization and fragmentation. Formation of new provinces in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhawa is the clarion call of magician-turned politicians. The matter is highly serious and explosive possibilities are bound to trigger new sensibilities. A fair candid and honest analysis needs to understand the niceties of the matter.

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All historical contentions of Pakistan must begin in India. Indian examples abound in all our discussions. It is no surprize then that the new province debate is in part sustained by how the Indians divide their provinces. The divided them in the wake of Partition, chastened by Partitions. It was in a way logical for the people of India to demarcate the boundaries when a partition had just happened.

“Redrawing Provincial Boundaries”

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