Essay No. 325:

Righteousness Exalts A Nation: It is not wealth or affluence that exalts a nation. It is the normal character biased on values of truthfulness, honesty that raise the stature of a nation high. True wealth confers power on nations which they use like a giant to gain the objective of domination over the weak. Wealthy developed nations can go to any extent to achieve their objective even they were to walk over the dead bodies of human beings.

The imperial powers enslaved the people of Africa and Asia and made them the target of their exploitation. May were executed and their skulls hung on bamboos to teach a lesson to the other people. The rich developed countries in the present times do not feel any compunction of their conscience when they ruthlessly exploit the resources of the poor countries.

Economically, technologically they stand very high, but in terms of morality they touch the nadir end. The US and the other west European countries, when they unleash a regime of suppression in poor countries to achieve their hegemonic designs, evoke a lot of hatred on the part of the people in the poor countries. They are the targets of hatred.

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That’s not the example of their exaltation rather than that of condemnation. All great nations are built on the morals of the character of their people. If their morals are confined to themselves only and they do not view mankind as an organic unit, then their view is myopic. Mankind is to be treated as an organic whole, so that the death of one man is the death of mankind as a whole.

Mankind is a single family of God. All nations – big or small, should have cosmopolitan view of mankind. Hence nations that do righteous deeds and avoid exploitation of man for selfish ends, are the exalted ones. Economic strength does not from the basis of righteousness of a nations. It is be judged with reference to the morals of nations. Those nations are exalted which have a moral stature.

“Righteousness Exalts A Nation”