Essay No. 223:

Science Without Conscience Is Ruin Of Nations: The quotations throws light on the nature of the conscience of science. Science is systematized body of knowledge tested empirically. Science does not have a conscience of its own. If at all it has, that reflects observation of facts objectively.

In fact, it is the conscience of man, which indirectly becomes the conscience of science. Man is the discoverer of scientific inventions through researches, which are carried out in a spirit of objectively. Man is the final master of all inventions and discoveries in the world. Inventions are the result of analytical thinking of man. It is up to man how he makes use of the scientific inventions.

If he puts them to a good use to increase his welfare, the inventions become a blessing in disguise. If he, however, decides to use them to wrought havoc and destruction in the world, he himself falls a victim of the deadly forces. The discovery of nuclear energy is a case in point. It can be used for peaceful purposes.

It can be utilized to generate electricity to increase the pase of industrialization in a country. Pakistan at the moment suffers from the crisis of energy, which can be overcome if nuclear potential were utilized productively, as the country has already achieved a break through in this field. Nuclear energy thus can be put to a number of uses.

Cancer patients can be cured through the use of nuclear rays. It is a different matter that these rays have the effect of destroying the healthy blood cells in the human body. Nuclear energy can be put to a number of useful purposes. It thus depends upon the will and discretion of man, how he purposes to deal with the nuclear energy.

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If man decides to achieve some petty motives by utilizing the nuclear energies for negative purposes the world can become a center of holocaust and destruction. The US made Japan a target of aggression by exploding atom bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in May 1945. The destruction in terms of human lives and property was of colossal magnitude, memory of which makes one shudder from head to toe.

In others words, the nuclear holocaust can be avoided if man has a rich conscience to avoid the use to nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons themselves are incapable of doing any harm to man. They become a cause of destruction when man decides to bring them in use by pressing the specific button to detonate them.

So the faults lies not in weapons but in the use to which they are put. Man should thus try to set his conscience right. By doing so, the conscience of science would be in order. It’s most unfortunate that man sometimes begins to behave like a monkey. If a sharp-edged weapon were given to a monkey, he would first of all injure his own fingers and then further use it as a means of destruction.

Man must correct his attitude and conscience for making the world an adobe of peace. Science as such has no conscience of its own. It’s man’s conscience which can help make the use of scientific inventions for his welfare. It is his conscience which can wrought his own destruction. Let us not blame science but man!

“Science Without Conscience Is Ruin Of Nations”