Essay No. 312:

Science Without Religion Is Lame And Religion Without Science Is Blind: Before dealing with the proposition, a question may be asked: does science have a religion? Apparently science and religion appear as poles apart. What the statement implies is that the tremendous power science has created in the form of an atomic bomb, can wrought the destruction of mankind, if science were without a morality.

If it had morality, then it would prevent man form launching wholesale destruction to cut his own species to smithereens. Science confers powers of a giant on man, which he uses ruthlessly as a giant to promote the cause of destruction.

The point is that there must be some element of morality in science, with the aid of religion, to prevent destruction of mankind. Form this point of view science must have some ground for religion to escape from the indulgence of cruelty and destruction.

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Religion, on the other hand, rests upon certain beliefs, which are blind to reason. It is mostly covered by beliefs which do not have any rational basis. In the absence of rationality religion would become a mere pack or irrational beliefs. That is why a religion without some rationality becomes blind which cannot guide man in his day-to-day affairs properly.

Muslim believers have to accept the basic parameters of Islam, namely the unity of Allah, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) being the last messenger of Allah, the existence of angles and a beliefs in the Day of Judgment etc. beyond this there arises the need for reflection, applying reason to worldly issues etc. to obtain pragmatic solutions to improve the state of human affairs.

Hence a religion would become totally blind if it were deprived of some amount of rationality. Likewise science without any moral basis would become a tool of annihilation of man. Hence science must have some element of religion, while the latter must have some element of science.

“Science Without Religion Is Lame And Religion Without Science Is Blind”