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Self-Conceit May Lead To Self-Destruction

Essay No. 107:

Self-Conceit May Lead To Self-Destruction: Self-conceit means self-deception. People who suffer from this malady, seldom take notice of their limitations and shortcomings. They ignore their limitations and are lost in a word of self-deception.

Self-conceit keeps people far away from the realities of life. They stand rooted in an unreal world. Arthur Miller–An American playwright in his play “Death of a Sales Miller” brings out the destruction done to his salesman on account of his self-conceit.

Vain people are subject to self-conceit. Most of the people belonging to this category either suffer from vain thinking or from narcissism نرگسیت. They remain confined to wishful thinking and can’t see realities in their real perspective. If escapism were adopted as a cult in life, man would be divested of struggle, the hallmark of life.

Self-conceited ladies are proud of their beauty and grandeur. They are abnormal in the sense that they overestimate themselves. They show an attitude of arrogance and are not respected in society. One is reminded of Virginia Woolf’s Lady Booby of “Mrs Dalloway”.

Lady Booby was self-conceited. Some self-conceited persons consider themselves infallible. Some administrators do not come out of the circle of their idiosyncrasies and as such, they cannot view problems from a larger perspective. Their approach is myopic. They cannot perceive realities properly.

A self-conceited teacher considers himself to be the repository of wisdom and knowledge. He doesn’t himself to be the repository of wisdom and knowledge. He doesn’t have the capacity to go beyond his whims. Whims can’t help a person to pick gems of knowledge.

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One has to consider oneself as a humble person standing at the seashore of knowledge, picking up pebbles with the passage of time. Vain persons cannot pic knowledge in its real form. Their approach is skin-deep. It thus calls for a broad understanding on the part of man to show humility in life.

Ostrich buries its break-in sand when it senses the blowing of a wind storm. The ostrich ultimately is buried under the sand. It is an attitude of escapism. Those who are lost in the web of their self-conceit are incapable of facing hard realities of life. Too much of narcissism is not desirable in life.

It takes one off the real highway of life. Self-conceit thus has the potential of misleading the people and keeping them unaware of the stark realities of life. It is akin to the destruction of oneself. It should be shunned under all conditions. By clinging to self-conceit, one is to court destruction.

“Self-Conceit May Lead To Self-Destruction”

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