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Serve And Don’t Merely Pity Those In Distress

Essay No. 310:

Serve And Don’t Merely Pity Those In Distress: The proposition demands real action from men, instead of evoking mere sympathy in case of the distressed. When we see the poor children not getting education, who are desirous of getting it, we should be motivated to do something concrete to ameliorate their social lot.

Mere expression of sympathy or pity is not enough. The real thing is to render practical help to remedy the situation. In case of accident in the middle of a road, crowds gather round the site. Many stand gaped at the injured but few have the moral courage to render help to the injured.

Instead of standing like possible assistance to the injured by way of thinking him/her to the nearest hospital and give our blood to save the life of the injured. Instead of feeling sorry and remaining passive, we should be motivated to move heaven and earth to save a precious human life.

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Instead of expressing verbal sympathy for those in distress, we should at the practical level, try to serve them to the best of our ability. Hence we are supposed to serve our fellow beings of our in distress with concrete help and relief. That is the main purpose of our existence.

Those who have the passion to serve their fellow human beings in distress, are the most chosen in the eyes of God. It is a noble act to part with one’s hard wealth to rehabilitate the poor in life with a view to making them productive members of society.

There is a saying ‘They serve God well who serve his creatures’. One should act on the spirit of this saying to earn the real blessings of God. In a way, it is obligatory on every one of us to extend concrete help to the ailing section of humanity, instead of remaining more idle spectators just expressing verbal sympathy but doing nothing concrete.

“Serve And Don’t Merely Pity Those In Distress”

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