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Essay No. 255:

Slave Is He Who Cannot Speak Thoughts: In the olden times there was slavery, leading to the purchase and sale of human beings. The enslaved were to serve their masters to earn their good-will and pleasure. They dared not to indulge in an any act which was against the will of their masters. The slavery even was in vogue in Arabia.

With the advent of Islam, this abominable institution of slavery was abolished. A slave cannot dare to speak his thought openly. Slaves are restrained to speak out their thought openly. Slaves are restrained to speak out their thought, howsoever, bright that be. Slavery thus is a curse and a despicable institution, which prevents individuals and nations from expressing their thought openly.

Individuals have freedom under democracy. They can freely criticize the policies of a running government. They enjoy the freedom of speech and can pour out their venom against the bad policies of government. They have full freedom to give vent to their views and nothing stands in their way.

This applies to developed societies where democracy has grown its firm roots with established institutions of accountability and tolerance. Conditions are, however, different in Third World countries where democracy is fragile with feeble institutions. Though the people enjoy some measure of freedom of speech and thought but it is not in full measure.

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However, things assume a worse shape under dictatorship. The dictators fall heavily upon the sacred institutions of dictatorship. The dictators fall heavily upon the sacred institutions of freedom of speech. They cannot put up with the slightest criticism. People under dictatorship thus suffer from mental suffocation as they cannot air their views openly.

Under a totalitarian regime, people are made to act like enclosed capsules. They suppress their thoughts and emotions and behave like dumb-driven animals. They lose their independence and emerge as slaves. The poor underdeveloped countries depending upon the developed for getting economic, military aid, have to part with their freedom to come out openly against the repressive policies of the developed countries.

They cannot pursue independent policies to promote the welfare of their people. They cannot go against the wishes of their master. They are shackled by chains of slavery to act independently. The poor countries, with weak democracy and overburdened by debts, are restrained to openly criticize the polices of the developed countries.

The millstone of slavery Is put around their necks which results in stiffing their thoughts. Slavery whether physical or mental, is highly despicable. Mental slavery is the worst.

“Slave Is He Who Cannot Speak Thoughts”