Essay No. 78:

Slow And Steady Wins The Race: The maxim gives a message to the reader that steadiness is a virtue of its own, which should be upheld in every walk of life. One should continue running at a tortoise’s pace to gain one’s objective. Those who possess this trait, emerge out successful in the long run.


If you start a project today after careful examination, you have to pursue it till completion with renewed vigour and determination. When it gets into operations than extra care has to be shown to ensure its working properly. Even the minutest details should not escape your attention. An organization has to keep a vigilant eye on each and everything to promote efficiency.


If an industrialist gets relaxed and can’t supervise properly, then the working of the organization is badly impaired. It may give rise to waste of material, resulting in the exacerbation of different types of costs. The organization may run into loss due to lack of supervision and dogged determination on the part of the owner. Hence things have to be pursued relentlessly with a sense of steadiness to achieve success in any field of human endeavour.


The people’s Republic of China offers the best example of following the maxim under reference. China is silently concentrating on developing its economy. It has succeeded in achieving the highest growth rate of 8 per cent per annum in recent times. The growth rate is to excel in time to come. China wishes not to involve itself in any type of conflict. It wants to bend all its energies on all-round shows China’s resolve to continue the path of economic expansion slowly and steadily.


Individuals/nations that practise the maxim, win the race in the long run. That is required is the steady resolve and determination to face given varied challenges of life. Pakistan faces a number of challenges of a diverse nature. The nation under committed leadership must grapple with those challenges in a steady manner. It must demonstrate strong will power to overcome challenges of varied nature. It must show consistency. They change with a change in government.

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Every government brings forth its own policies which do not reflect the continuity of the previous ones. In the developed democratic countries, policies in principle remain intact. Governments come and go but policies do not change in content, which continues to be followed uninterruptedly. Our governments should learn from the experience of the developed countries to pursue continuity in national policies to promote national interests.


There is no need to have a plethora of education policies, as basic aims of education stand spelt out clearly. The basic aim of education is to create awareness among people. It stands for mental enlightenment. It also aims at achieving a hundred per cent literacy rate. These basic aims are as clear as broad daylight. There should be no misgivings, doubts about them.


Education should be geared to the realization of these objectives. In the presence of these objectives, there is no need to have a plethora of education policies. What is called for is the monitoring of progress. In the end, it is pointed out that hastiness misses perfection. It misses finesse. Courage, determination, unyielding will, focus and steadiness are chief ingredients of success.

“Slow And Steady Wins The Race”