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Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil, See No Evil

Essay No. 12:

Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil, See No Evil: It is moral maxim which conveys a message to man that he should avoid evil in all forms to lead a happy life on the earth. It is evil that corrupts the life of man. Hence he must refrain from speaking evil, hearing evil and seeing evil. The revealed religions bear upon man to resist evil in all its forms for making his earthly life pleasant.


Man is a mixture of good and evil. According to the Holy Quran, man has been made out of good, but he has the inclination to learn on evil. He is greatly tempted by evil. When evil overpowers man, he loses the sense of good. He becomes a playful tool in the hands of evil and thus pollutes his soul. Oscar Wilde in his novel “Picture of the Dorian Gray” brings out this theme. Dorian Gray, a young handsome man belonging to the royal family falls on evil ways in life.


The eviler in the form of immoral acts he commits in life, the more he feels declared to face his childhood portrait hanging in a room of the palace. His soul is sullied with sin. At last, he decides to end his life. He shoots himself in the room where his portrait is hanging. Oscar Wilde remarks that all the evils done by Dorian Gray lay scattered on the face of Dorian Gray and the portrait of his childhood was shedding innocence as usual.


Shakespeare in his play “Othello” highlights the influence of insinuation, which in the end brings about a poignant tragedy. Lago poisons Othello regarding the faithfulness of his wife Desdemona. Othello has soft ears, capable of hearing evil. Lago exploits this weakness of Othello and succeeds in his evil designs when Othello at the end of the play kills his wife. The point to consider is that evil has the potential of destroying the purity and good in life.


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Man as far as possible, should avoid becoming a part of evil. If the evil of the aforesaid types were to prevail in society, it would become morally stupefied. If man were to spread evil, it would make human life unbearable. Hence the best way is to discipline one’s mind to refrain from indulging in evil. The proverb presents a good moral recipe to make human life pleasant and worth-living. A man by instinct jumps over to evil and gives up the path of righteousness.


Religion enjoys upon man to avoid evil of different types to purge life of evil forces. Evil can make human life a hell. Evil must be shunned at all cost. The society should be made bedrock of good and virtue.


Most of the conflicts at the international level would disappear if countries – big or small, were to abandon the ideology of evil bordering on the Machiavellian creed. The world can become a paradise for man if he were to renounce evil. It must be said good-bye. Instead good or virtue be embraced by man.

“Speak No Evil Hear No Evil See No Evil”

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