Essay No. 271:

Speech Is The Gift Of All, But Thought Of Few: All men enjoy the gift of speech. Some play with words and oratory. They go on talking endlessly but without any thought. One should be national in the presentation of one’s views. Only a few talk in vein of rationality and reason.

Rationality is the privilege of few. This trait is developed through vigorous of the mind. Talkers are in abundance but thoughtful are few. God has gifted man with the gift of gab and reason. While majority makes use of the speech gift, but few rely on reason to project their viewpoint.

A society where there is scarcity of the thoughtful, but surfeit of the talkers, could be lost in the labyrinth of artificiality. In other words, there should be want of thinking in a purposeful society. The crisis of want for thinking can lead to serious consequences.

Politicians, especially in a country like Pakistan, can indulge in the luxury of speech, without giving much thought to what they see and mean. They can make talk promises to the electorate without realizing that it may not be possible for them to abide by their promises.

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There are hundred and one constraints of different nature which might stand in their way to fulfill the promises. The number of thoughtful politicians is limited. They are gifted with the gift of gab but not of reason and thinking power. Likewise majority of people in poor countries are subject to emotionalism, which they often exhibit through fiery speech.

There is less of thought in their speeches. Mostly speeches are devoid of deep thought and reflection. Wise men think in cool manner and avoid unnecessary long speech. Sobriety and reflection are their characteristic features. Wise men are short in supply in the world.

Hence thought is the privilege of few, but speech that of majority. One should thus exhibit thoughtfulness in life since fiery speeches are in not in way any substitute to thought and reflection.

“Speech Is The Gift Of All, But Thought Of Few”